1 Be Polite intoduce yourself
Giangio(drums):Hi Zan! (there's me too ND Sara) Thanks for the interview! We are OhxCristo a powerviolce\fastcore trio from Sassari(Sardinia) 3friends 2 instuments 1 voice! We had a fresh line up change,another guitar player is taking the place of Giok.we had no quarrels or bad feelings but we have taken a more straightfoward and serious path with differents needs,and no one wants to prevaricate the others,so we parted ways with Giok,but we are still friends and we want to co operate with him is always in our hearts.

2 The band has no bass guitar in the line up,is beacause you love assuck and anal cunt or because there’s no one near to you to take the bass duties?
I love those bands and I add that once xafx had the assuck log on the visor of his hat before OXC i played  in a Death / grind band called Emorragia (which you have kindly reviewed on your blog), and even here there was no bass guitar (for lack of bassists). Let's say a we  choose the “no bass option” 'to be a little different" from the classic band, and also because bass players are scarce in our area, and least but not least  now I'm used to it (hahaha) we opted to go ahead with just guitar, vocals and drums. ... and I'll tell you the truth: when we started composing none of us was missing it , because we started at full throttle to make songs, regardless of this absence. We are born with the intent of male shitty music  due the lack of talent

3 Last time we saw you live xAfx said that at HC show you should enter the gig with some friends and go out of it with some new friends? Do you ever suceed in making new friends? there’s  is nothing that bothers you in the “scene” or people that you hate in it?
Xafx  live  tends to make several speeches  between the songs a focusing on the issue of friendship.  the speech that you quoted was  borrowed from our brother xRenatox voice of Tigershot. And we fucking agree. Talk talk and talk, discuss and mutuallly enriched. Similar phrases are always voiced by xAfx and I can only agree! Personally by each concert (which is us playing OXC, both as a spectator) I get more and more positive; then there are the "channels" that facilitate communication, as my zine, or our merch,  ... that bring people together and then we meet, we talk, we exchange opinions etc .... and this I think it the really important to share. Moments of anger? Yes!!! When people are outside the venue is more beautiful sweat together !! Laughter aside, the hardcore introduced me to a lot of people who attend or otherwise i keep in close contact (ex xCENEREx of Rome). But no bad feelings concerts are always cool

4 Oxc have 2 sxe members,how did you become sxe?your choice have ever been criticized? What do you think about the trendy and macho side of sxe? I personally enjoy more usefull\sensible speeches and less nike do you agree?
I’ve made this choice after OC was born,Honestly I have never been criticized (until now!) ... If I receive criticism i twill not interest me; This is my choice! I need to act in full possession of my faculties in all that I do and that choice is to take a position with a political, as well as inherent to my vegan choice. I will no longer be part of cages designed to intoxication, served up as an outlet and / or means of aggregation (with all respect to those who drink a beer!), But want to break free from everything. I approached the SXE because, I was tired of certain situations and through xAfx and Dadde (of CxIxB) in the first place, was looking more and more information and input to find my way to abstaining from behaviors that promote  apathy . For me to be SXE also it means being tied to a musical taste. The X on your hands (for me) are not a symbol that differentiates me from others, but is a way to communicate that I want no part of those systems of control (alcohol and drugs in the first place) acts weakening and slavery imposed by the system. I'm not a preacher and I will not be, as I never ask myself above anybody, but this is my truth! When I say SXE, use the term to shorten the complexity of my person, through experiences, facts and events, he has led me to this choice. Zan You're right, it would be better to hear more speeches / debates that see people dressed for the evening that they have little attitude, but what I see there are people inclined to the fun, sharing and power of this scene. Echoing the lines before, until now we were two Vegan edge on three, but with the new graft to the OXC vireranno total SXE xvx.

5- I guess you're (at least some) vegetarians \ vegans! Suggested some good low cost vegan recipes!
Giangio:  we were two voracious vegans  before the line-up changes ( we share with Giok,  the perennial urge for food! Hahah). Now with the arrival of xPaolox guitar we are a group of three  boring vegans. However a low recipe : pasta with pesto! Economic and very good, as long as the portions are large! A somewhat 'less low cost: red rice with zucchini, corn and tomatoes pan-fried with a little oil, seasoned with a little' salt and pink ginger! Or even eggplant stuffed with rice with tomato and basil, with grated ginger. mmmh getting hungry !!

6- What to do in life besides playing? As you have fun?
! I think i’m speaking for the whole band:WE ARE LOOKING FOR WORK! I got my zine GO…FAST!zine i’m running it for a year with seven issues out and the 8 issue is gonna com out soon. There’s a lot of things you can do for having fun,but music’s the best! Through music you meet people etc. pure fun!also listening to some cool vinyls there’s no sound like the needle on the records,pure sex.
Sometimes your friends make you listening some good tunes,like Kambo(RaW’s singer) that blast through the speakers Minor threat’s discography and lo spirito fcontinua by Negazione,you can just begin to fap…

7… Stop it! I said no
! I said no to cholesterol ! and yes to soy! Seriously? I said no to people that where not positive\contructive in my life! I said no to a life as a “spectator” become an active person,i said no to apathy…i said some no!

8 how is the "scene" of your town(sassari) describe your city! do you  have nazis or such assholes? 
Sassari the scene is a blast! I have known it since 13 years ago, first as a spectator and then as part of a band. As a spectator I saw a lot of concerts in Porto Torres and I saw a lot of people participating in the events; Once Emorragia started, we made part of a scene that was not very "hospitable : since we were" latecomers "we were having a bit as well as the kids that  want to steal the spot from you , as we wanted just a minute  for sharing and to promote our music. Fortunately we found someone who believed in us, so as to accommodate twice the Sardinian Deathfest, I mean dear Luigi and his Deathcrush (interviewed on the no. 6 of my zine)! Now with OXC everything is different: people are not many, but there is passion, there is a desire to share an evening, there is the desire to be present at the concert, there is a desire to to create events  ... so in my opinion is a blast! If you think the last concert with the Raw and No Care ResPublica to Alghero, I get excited. As said mr. Kambo: "inhuman crowd of punk and HardCorer that not even the VHS video in the early '80s. No stage. Three bands and a perennial pogo no one and I say one moment of stagnation if not for the stage change. Two layers of people if not three. Boys and girls together. All of them.making a singalong. In an autonomous space that just looking at you emotions. If this is ta dream dont wake me up or I'll blow your teeth. 

9 Past and present bands that you love and have influenced the band
fuck! You have some time to waste,here in random order: Minor Threat; Negazione; xKatexMoshx; Delirio; La Piovra; Braindead; Nofu; Venom; Slayer; Indigesti; No Care; Ruggine; xCenerex; SmashHead; Decapitated; Nerorgasmo; Carcass; Napalm Death; Raw; C.O.V.; Crunch; Tear Me Down; Darkthrone; L'Odio; CxIxB, e tutti quelli che dovranno suonare con noi...and every band we will meet in future

10 5 or more mandatory records and why
If it was for xAFx it will be for sure Friendship Loyalty Commitment by 25talife and for his anarcoedge attitude another band will be by all means i can say in no particular order Carcass - Reek Of Putrefection for sonic  violence; Pantera - Cowboys From Hell for sounds and because I always wanted to play guitar like Darrell; Delirio – Memorie dal sottosuolo to the themes and atmospheres, I shudder when I listen to the voice of dadde in this album; Kiss - Kiss for the technique of Peter Criss, one of my favorite drummers; Napalm Death - Scum I found my Bible! An opening to the subgenres and violence sound, speed and themes! The perfect place to externalize the anger you have inside

11- Then finally in Sardinia seem to have  fast bands, see  CIB, and  MeXOff . Do you prefer a monthematic(speaking of sound) scene or a "colourful" one?
Giangio: New bands are welcome! Also fast ones! no monothematic scene, because event in the bands you mentioned and we, there are differences (they're all better than us, for example). I love many kinds of music, so I'd like to see a scene super heterogeneous. To quote a good band, with which I want to play, and are very different from us, VILMA !!! Elm, Tom, Simon, Ovidio i love you! Also Amesua  apneica; StereoTP; ..... there are bands !!

12- let's talk of collective projects \ zines and concerts organization to which you belong
Giangio: from a year are born in this part of the punx collective named sottoscala and my zine ... GO FAST! zine. It's great to see so many heads, banging to create something, non-profit, but to create alternatives subversive and self-managed stuff. The zine is like a "personal diary", in fact, the interviews are open to bands with whom I played, or bands that I love and that is reflected in certain values. It has a section devoted to information, with small points that I want to communicate on which the reader can start a search and form their own idea of ​​what specific topic (see vivisection, no circus; no to fur ...). sometimes  a few friends writes something, as happened to xAfx .... is a  paper zine only that does not have a Facebook page or a dedicated blog. If you want it, get up off your ass and come to concerts for it, or at least we agree to ship it. I believe that socia networksl destroy a little 'everything they create. I will use some of them, but for the zine i dont want there to be this posting: read it on the internet does not have the same taste of the zine touch, turn the pages, see the printed ink and see your fingers stained in black .. I am fetishist ! T
, I do not want to offend or be "better" than those who blog and / or webzines, such as For The Kids dear Marco Pasini, your blog ... To my zine I made this choice: to abstain from Facebook ... GO FAST! Perhaps beyond may be a support blog, who knows ...

13- Violent dancing like a tough guy or friendly violent fun in the circle pit?
Giangio: xAfx is a great lover of Violent Dancing in fact during the live of OXC never denies some punch the air or some flying kick, despite what has revisited his idea of this practice. I can tell you that before all concerts are allowed in a  even dangerous kung fu moshing (and so Giok) now has understood how futile and dangerous this "dance": I just think that an evening in Thiesi has caught a punch while Cagliari an kick in the head, all in the mosh pit. I can tell you that as long as there arent kicks and punches flying and everyone will enjoy giving way to have fun with everyone else.

14- I have heard you make speeches against homophobia and sexism. You see them in the scene and in the life of every day? What is the way to smash them?
sincerely  I do not see them in the hc scene, or al least I hope there are not sexist or homophobic infiltrators, but I doubt it; however I find it right and proper to be in a band and emphasize certain aspects  because these "ideologies" and then if hc did not work like the ones you've heard from us, or like so many other groups, for me it would be only music. Is ok to play and raise hell, but also  dialogue and discussion are needed. I firmly believe that it is always useful to talk about these issues and especially refusing them and remove them from a hardcore punk scene. In the life of every day there is racism, there's sexism, homophobia is because they are often created (also) by the media, which have to paint someone as "our enemy". Take the current situation of the various boats that unload refugees: it is a lousy business that enriches the mafia (related to the state), at the expense of these people who flee from terrible situations. Then in addition to the news media that season with anger and aizzamenti various, we bring those nazi La Lega Nord (and not only ..), that paint them all as thieves, rapists etc ... (then when someone like Umberto Bossi Matteo Salvini and have STOLEN money on money .e then who would thieves? Two Senegalese refugees steal a loaf of bread? Please ..) Then there are still morons who do not know anything about the story, lauding that asshole that was hanging downwards in Loreto Square who have the shy towards a homosexual, to a brother who has a different skin color ... How to remedy this? I answer with a line from a song that definitely know many: "Against the increasingly fascist violence, 10 100 1000 Acca Laretia"(TMD's 10,100,1000 acca larentia.)

15) We want a romina and Albano cover with female guest star
.I heard romina and she agreed in a fraturing with us as soon as Albano comes back from shopping

16) cut the shit
Go to our bandcamp download the record for free go to many shows,meet different coloured people and\or with different sexuals tastes WE ARE ALL THE SAME! Read and get informed,respect mother earth and brothers animals! When you got some euros to waste buy something for the stray dogs\cats they will be happy,if you can adopt ita s a pet!

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