For the fifth anniversary of this blog we have a special interview with a very special band.
Here for you a chat with Brian from Nightbirds!

1- Introduce us to the wonderful world of Night Birds!
Hi. I'm Brian, I sing in Night Birds

2- Your bio on Bandcamp speaks about “shitty movies” and “ eating pizza”; suggest our readers!
With some ungodly midnight movie and food\drink to enjoy the experience in the right way.
Lately I've been pretty obsessed with the new HBO documentary 6 part mini series "THE JINX"... Shit is so dark and heavy! True story about this psycho millionaire new yorker who's family owns all kinds of real estate in downtown Manhattan and he's essentially weaseled his way out of hard jail time for this series of murders. Midnight is a great hour to start binge watching. Gave me nightmares! Black coffee is a perfect drink to accompany the show.

3- Tell us 5 records that you guys consider mandatory

  • Damned - Damned Damned Damned
  • Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette 
  • New Bomb Turks - Destroy O Boy!
  • Motorhead - Bomber
  • Naked Raygun - Jettison
4- Do you like owls? Which one is your favorite?
The Hooters owl is my favorite. And the one who licked the tootsie pop.

5- We usually listen to different genres of music rather than surf-punk,mostly speed metal and fast hardcore,but we find your sound very dark, evil and morbid. Is it your purpose to sound "evil" or are we just tripping with our mind?
Yea! Evil is cool.

5- Do you have some funny/strange tour/live related story?
Nothing crazy out of the ordinary. It's hard to not have a whacky story or 2 if you spend a couple weeks at a time in a van with your other friends dumb enough to pack into a van with a bunch of maniacs. I accidentally pooped on a cow on the side of the highway in California once. I HAD to go, like right then and there, so we pulled over, and I ran out and bent over and ejected poop from my butt and looked behind me and had accidentally shat through a fence onto this cow. I felt bad, doubt he cared though. And that night Jello Biafra came to see us play and PJ asked him stories about kicking windows out and slicing a nerve in his ankle with Darby Crash and Jello seemed bummed he brought it up. Weird day.

6- What are your lyrics about?
Whatever we want. We really have no lyrics restraints. Fiction, Non fiction, politics, personal stuff, stupid stuff. We try and keep it interesting.

I think you mean uhF, which is one of my all time favorite movies starring one of the most brilliant minds of our time, Mr. Weird Al.

8- What exactly is a modern moron?
Stand near the counter at your local McDonalds for about an hour or 2 and you're bound to witness it first hand

9-Your sound is really peculiar and  unique,what kind of gear do you use?
Reverb pedals, old drums. lound cymbals. Rock n Roll stuff.

10-Do you know any italian band?
Um, we played with Smart Cops once or twice. They are from Italy... The only time we played Italy there were NO OTHER BANDS on the show. Just us! That's the only time we ever did that. Apparently everyone was away or something cause it was Summer and ever Italian goes on Holiday as yall like to call it.

11-Tell us something about the new album.
It will be 10 songs. Or 11. It will be on Fat Wreck Chords. Some people will whine that it's on Fat Wreck Chords and expect us to have changed our sound to Lagwagon, they will realize we have not, and put out what I think is our best record and most representative of our sound. It will be cool! Check it out.

12- Best and worst NB shows.
Hm, these 2 comes to mind because they are back to back. We played London last year and it sold out and was a ton of fun. Was our only show in the UK and I felt like people were really excited. We went and got Night Birds tattoos together before the show. Cute, right? And then played this killer show... Then we drove through the night to play this festival called Ieper Fest... We missed our ferry by like 10 minutes so we had to take the next one to Belgium. We got there a little bit late. Loaded all our shit across this big muddy field, it was pouring down rain. Watch and awful band or 2, then got told we were not going to be allowed to play since we were late. That sucked. Fuck that fest.

13- Are there any unknown actual band that you guys want to suggest?
My little brother and some friends just started a band called FUTURE DAMAGE. I think they are pretty cool! Check em out:

14- How did you come up with the idea of the instrumental EP “monster surf”? how did your singer react?
I am the singer and I loved it! My wife and I were having a baby so I was pretty tied up and was glad the guys made good use of that time to do something we had talked about doing for a couple years just couldn't work in. That records really cool.

15- Greet mom and dad and the (in)famous last words!
Thanks mom, thanks dad! I'll see you in... HELLLLL!!!!!!!


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