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1) Introduce us to the mighty Iron Pegasus! Why and when did it started and where the label is goin’ right now?
Hello Gabriele, thanks for inviting me. IRON PEGASUS RECORDS started in 1998 after Gezol of SABBAT sent me a copy of his self-released CD from his side band METALUCIFER who, back then, were still totally unknown. This CD „Heavy Metal Drill“ was like a breath of fresh air back in the times where real authentic traditional Heavy Metal, expecially in the NWoBHM-style, was a real rarity. Everybody was busy with Black/Death Metal back then. I thought „these guys need to be known“ and asked to do an European version of the album… and this was the start for IRON PEGASUS RECORDS. Releases by SABBAT followed and also other bands, like SADISTIC INTENT, DESASTER, PENTACLE, etc etc and 18 years later it is still going strong. Looking back into the discography, it includes a lot of bands that stood the test of time, some of the bands back then were really small (or even unknown) when the releases come out, and now some of them are really known forces which is really cool to see, like INQUISITION, ENFORCER and especially GHOST. Where the label is going now? I am not sure… I don’t look into the future very much, I always go step by step. Right now I have these releases lined up for 2016: KAM LEE 7“EP (MANTAS/DEATH, MASSACRE), MORTEM new LP, METALUCIFER, EURYNOMOS new EP, INFERNAL ASSAULT new EP, SABBAT new MLP, SADISTIC INTENT/ PENTACLE EP, MEGATHÉRION, etc etc…. you see, the battle ain’t over yet. And it is all traditional stuff, beyond any current trends, the way it should be!

2) Can you tell us the 10 most important records in metal history in your opinion and why they are important to you?
For me as a Metal fan or generally? Hmm, difficult one, there are so many great classic albums, but I will give it a try:
- BLACK SABBATH „s/t“ cause they started it all and Iommi still delivers the heaviest axe but knows to come up with some of the greatest emotional riffs in Metal at the same time. My fave SABBATH album is probably „technical Ecstasy“ from the 70s and „Headless Cross“ when it comes to the non-OZZY period…. it is hard to say, I love em all, especially the OZZY and Tony Marin era!
- VENOM „Welcome To Hell“ … it is not my fave album by VENOM but this album took Metal to a
new level. My fave album, if that one counts as an „album“, is the „The Singles 1980 - 1986“LP collection. The holy grail! I am happy that Mantas and Abaddon signed my old copy last year when I saw VENOM INC in Saarbrücken. A legendary moment for me as a Metal Maniac.
- SLAYER „Show No Mercy“…. perfect mix of evil Speed/Thrash Metal that still is rooted to traditional Metal like IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST. The first two SLAYER LPs and the 12’inch Maxi are LPs that will be buried with me when I am dead.
- POSSESSED „Seven Churches“…. the production, the vocals…. aaarrrrrghhhh!!!!
- HELLHAMMER „Satanic Rites“ LP…. it is a demo, but still…. I love the primitive Heaviness!
- IRON MAIDEN „Killers“ LP…. for me their best shot ! Double guitar harmonies, Dianno’s great vocals…. raw and soft, he delivered it all, always had a great feeling!
- VAN HALEN „I“ LP …. the blueprint for 80s Metal sound and playing, especially in the USA! I love the freshness and the positive vibe of this album. This album killed the 70s!
- INFERNÄL MÄJESTY „None Shall Defy“ LP…. being a die hard early SLAYER fan, this album is one of the true highlights in satanic Thrash Metal!
- BATHORY „s/t“ LP …. continued where VENOM stopped and brought Black Metal to another level!
- BURZUM „s/t“ LP….. cause , in my opinion, this was one of the very first albums that defined the sound of the 2nd wave of Black Metal in the 90s. Back when it was released it was the total opposite to what was popular in the mainstream. It was very primitive, a bit sloppy, but with real defined melodies and dark and cold emotions while mainstream bands played more and more complicated, sterile and technical Death Metal stuff that lacked of dark power and feeling.

3) I’m sure you got tons of vinyls, which is the rarest gem of your collection?
Hmm, I am not up to date in terms of „what are the rarest items“ today. I guess my own release, GHOST’s „Elizabeth“ 7EP on clear Vinyl and the test pressing (white label only…. so people, don’t get fooled by the bootlegs that you see in the internet) must be the rarest one. I also have RAZOR’s „Armed and Dangerous“ original press, SLAYER’s „final command“ PicDisc, DARKTHRONE’s original „Transylvanian Hunger“ LP, etc.

4) This is mainly a punk/hc space. Is there any punk/hc stuff that you ever liked? Is there any other musical style that you dig?
I don’t mind Hardcore/ Punk as long as it is extreme and powerful. I like some EXPLOITED, early CRO MAGS (especially the slow, heavy parts), DRILLER KILLER, ALEHAMMER, etc but I am no expert with Hardcore/ Punk I must say. I dig the raw energy of some of the bands, I wish that some Metal bands would be as energetic as some of the Punk/ Hardcore bands.

5) Iron Pegasus is famous for releasing tons of Sabbat/Metalucifer stuff, I think that these bands have a peculiar sound and so is it for the japanese metal scene. What does, in your opinion, that makes nipponic metal and Sabbat so full of “KARISMA”?
SABBAT and METALUCIFER are special bands, they have their own signature. The „karisma“ of most Japanese bands who play the traditional way, like SABBAT, METALUCIFER, GORGON, MAGNESIUM, HEADLIGHT, etc is that they have a great feeling for an authentic and honest sound and style. I also like that die-hard attitude and the general loyalty of those bands when it comes to traditions etc. Those bands are beyond any trends and do what they do no matter what. That’s the charisma in my opinion.

6) Did you had/have any band? I also knew that you wrote a zine... Are you planning any new issue?
I play a bit of guitar, yes. And I had the honour to help out METALUCIFER last year at the Fall of Summer festival in France… first gig ever, never had a rehearsal before, and then in front of a festival crowd. Crazy. It was „so so“ but a great experience anyway. Some people said to me „Are you nuts to do such a thing?“ Perhaps I am, I accepted this challenge. The magazine, TALES OF THE MACABRE was from 1993 till 1999… I had to stop it, cause I didn’t want people to say „oh, he only wants to promote IRON PEGASUS stuff in his magazine“ which I couldn’t avoid since that’s exactly my taste. So I see IRON PEGASUS RECORDS as the audio version of TALES OF THE MACABRE.

7) What do you think of collectors who owns records only for the sake of owning it?? I personally think that kills the magic behind the music…
For the music industry it is good of course, but as you say, it kills the magic. When you buy an album you should buy it for the format AND the music! It goes hand in hand!

8) Are you from Greece? If yes, can you suggest us a recipe from Greece and also some underrated metal band? (If not, tells us simply your favourite food/drinks and an uderrated band that deserve our attention).
My father is from Greece and came to Germany in the 60s when German companies came into his village, trying to find Greek workers for their factories. He wanted to stay just for some years, but then met his woman and here I am. Recipe from Greece? Stifado is nice, also papoutsakia, etc etc…. Greek kitchen is very good and fresh if you are not only focusing on meat, there is more than just Gyros, Souvlakia, etc etc. Underrated Greek Metal bands? Hmm, not really, I think they all got international respect.

9) Upcoming releases for Iron Pegasus?
SABBAT „Sabbaticarved Sarcifice“ etched LP, MORTEM „Deinos Nekromantis“ CD/ LP, EURYNOMOS „Fierce Alliance“ 7“EP are the releases that should be out until May. Followed by KAM LEE, METALUCIFER, INFERNAL ASSAULT, SADISTIC INTENT, etc later on.

10) What do you do beside the label? Are you a full time maniac or do you work outside the music biz?
A full time Rock n Roller is what I am. But I am also busy working on houses, helping my parent’s company from time to time (they make wine), etc

11) Do you like italian metal? Favourite records?
Yeah, sure, BULLDOZER „The Day of Wrath“ and the Demo LP kills! Also MORTUARY DRAPE „into the Drape“ and „All the Witches Dance“, some DEATH SS and PAUL CHAIN stuff,etc. What I like most in Italy is Sicilian food, the best, hehe. Do you agree?

12) Heavy metal is also know for the crazy outfits that metal maniac wears! What is the cool way to wear for a metal head in your opinion? Which band impressed you back in the days for it's look?
If you look like a 60s/70s Rocker, like you see from old biker movies, then it is a good basis. Long hair (as long as mother nature is helping you), leather, denim, studs, chains, etc., that’s how it should be. Just wearing a Metal shirt isn’t enough, every bourgeois guy can do this. Which band did impress me? Hmm, SLAYER on their first album, old VENOM Promo photos, HELLHAMMER /CELTIC FROST looked pretty extreme on their first releases, early BATHORY photos, old MANTAS/ DEATH pics, etc. I loved bands that had leather and studs and thought it sucked when bands dropped it in the end of the 80s and wanted to look like ANTHRAX. Fortunately, the 2nd Black Metal wave still cultivated it later on.

13) Free space: do what thou wilt!
Megathanks for your support!!! If any of you maniacs are into traditional, conservative, speaker blowing music, check out IRON PEGASUS RECORDS. We keep the flame burning, independent from any current trends.

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