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1) HI Sadaki, how are you? We think that the most of the read will know you as the Sabbatical Axeman Temis Osmond, since you used to play the guitar in the mighty Sabbat (jap). Tell us what you have done after Sabbat and what you are playing/doing right now.
Hi Zan and Sara .I enjoy this interview.
I play a band called Blind Witcht after Sabbat. I play only a vocal in this band.
Blind Witch released demo CD-R in 2008,and a full album from R.I.P.Records of US in 2014.
The song of Blind Witch is write about a witch and black magic of the Middle Ages and early modern mainly. And I play a guitar in Sacrifice(Japan) of the reunion. Sacrifice was active from the 80s through the early 90s.This is still rehearsing.

2) You’re a really skilled guitar player. Tell us about your guitar gods. Who inspired your style?
The guitarist whom I was shocked by for the first time is Gary Moore.
Music of Heavy Metal which I heard for the first time. It was "Hiroshima".
That gave the chance that I spend the heavy metal life.
I heard Judas Priest, Anvil, Iron Maiden or other various bands afterwards.
I met a sound of Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads at that time.
It was a decisive encounter to become my core

3) Favourite guitars? What kind of gear do you use?
The main guitar using is Randy Rhoads V.
The guitar which I bought for the first time was Randy Rhoads V. As it happens.
It was about time when I did not yet know Randy Rhoads.
In my guitarist life, most use this model.
Therefore it is easy to play it than a guitar of the normal form. haha.

4) Why did you choosed the stage name of Temis Osmond?
Because it heard The Whisper Of Demon. haha..

5) Five or more records that you consider mandatory
Ozzy Osbourne's album is very important to me in enjoying metal and life:

  • Blizzard Of Ozz
  • Diary Of A Madman
  • Bark At The Moon
  • Ozzmosis
The element of the Heavy Metal is the Judas Priest.

  • British Steel
  • Screaming for Vengeance
  • Defenders of the Faith

I came under an influence of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond, too

  • Melissa
  • Don't Break The Oath
  • Abigail

In addition, Angel Witch and Satan.

  • Angel Witch
  • Court in the Act
  • Life Sentence

Acid and Ostrogoth from Belgium

  • Acid
  • Feelings of Fury

Sortilege from France

  • Sortilege
Death SS from Italy

  • ...in Death of Steve Sylvester

Mirage from Denmark

  • ...and the Earth Shall Crumble

Ossian from Hungary

  • Kitores

Thin Lizzy from Ireland

  • Jailbreak
  • Black Rose: A Rock Legend
  • Life

Griffin and Trouble from United States

  • Flight of the Griffin
  • Trouble
  • The Skull


  • Welcome To Hell
  • Black Metal
  • At War With Satan
  • The Singles 80-86

There is a lot more. I make a trip around the world when I continue answering in this question.haha..

6) Can you tell us some live related funny story about Sabbat or other band you are/where into?
Many episodes happen when I have been doing it for many years.
When I performed a live in Sweden in Sabbat.
The show considerably became lively.The audience enjoyed our play very uproariously.The troubles of the sound equipment appeared one after another, too
When excitement of the audience reached the top, a lot of guards in a uniform entered and stood in front of a stage. They watched audience, and the show was continued.
There was the person who fought hand to hand against a guard. The trouble of the sound equipment continued, too
The microphone stands fall down, and a sound stops,and others.. I complained to the guard whom there was in front each time. And I let him deal with those troubles.
The guard was blunt. He did not seem to know the sound equipment very much and called a sound engineer each time.
And the show is over.  I changed my clothes afterwards and I went outside .There were many police cars there.The person whom I thought to be a guard was a police officer. Haha..
I did not know the uniform of the Swedish police officer. Haha..

7) How it was to be a metal head in japan back in the 80’s?
The 1980s, the metal scene was active in Japan. In Japan, it was often to be separated by a Japanese group and foreign groups.
Japanese many groups sang by Japanese words.They were called Japa-Meta.In a musical piece peculiar to Japan, it was different from the foreign group.
Japa-Meta did original evolution afterwards and they had a big influence on the music scene of Japan.
There is the thing which evolved to a thing unlike the Metal in that.
The United States and the European band were listened to in the same way in Japan.The band which made up of Los Angeles was called L.A-Metal and was done with one category in Japan.
Japan of the island was behind with information very much. The 80s did not have the Internet.

8) Do you like collecting vinyls? If yes ,what's the most precious gem in your collection?
Yes. I have very many vinyl. When I go for a tour, I go to the secondhand record shop of that area. Rather than collection, I obtain it to listen.
The vinyl which I obtain as collection is vinyl of Ozzy Osboune and Randy Rhoads.
There is a considerable number. Probably I think that I have approximately all.
The vinyl of rare Ozzy which I own is "Crazy Train" 7inch EP.As for this, a label owns different three kinds. "Flying High Again" 12inch EP promotion copy. The Ozzy Osbourne Concert f81@Vinyl for the broadcast of the NBC radio. And,@I collect newly issued Vinyl too.
And rare vinyl of Randy Rhoads is QR1,QR2 albums and those promotion copy.Liner notes of with profile photograph is attached to the promotion copy of QR1.And it is a pop-up book !! hehe..
"It's Not So Funny" 7inch EP and promotion copy. "Slick Black Cadillac" 7inch EP.
I own the press of various countries about the vinyl of Ozzy Osbourne. Blizzard Of Ozz is different in a photograph of the backside of the record jacket by US press and UK press.
The press in Japan has a privilege. The Soviet Union press is different in the quality of the
photograph of the record jacket.
Ozzy does not appear in the photograph of the record jacket of the press in Korea. I make a trip around the world when I continue answering in this question too. hahaha..

9) Are you into some new bands?
As I mentioned before,I play in a band called Blind Witch. However, I played gig only several times after I release an album in 2014.
I am active only a little in Blind Witch.
The sound of Blind Witch is like Doom, and the activity is also Doom. haha..
In Sacrifice, the place where the member except me lives is far. We cannot be active frequently. We
rehearsed it, but do not meet for a while.
As Zan and Sara support me, I must prepare to be able to talk a good answer by the next opportunity. hehe..

10) Ok the torture’s over, free space and thanks a lot!
It was good time. Thank you.

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