Welcome to #RIP OFF COVERZ, our new column!

Are you checking out your record collection and two covers look the same?
Then you have two copies of the same fucking record or someone was inspired by a particular cool and older work.
Let's see some of these twin artworks!

Appendix- Money is not my Currency (1983) Finland
Hailing from Finland, Appendix went out with this LP of chaotic punk that represents in its cover an over the top yellow skull that says that "money is not his currency" and, probably, he lives trading no filter cigarettes. This piece of art was emulated by Bludwulf.

Bludwulf - Anarchy Reaper Attack (2003) USA
The American metalpunk combo, fronted by Rev. Jimmi Sinn (now also frontman of Rotten UK), tribute Appendix's cover, turning the yellow skull in a  more much over the top "anarchy reaper" that, instead, reminds us that "life is not his currency" (of course, is what reaper does...).
The grim's attack suceeds:  Anarchy Reaper Attack is an awesome metalpunk demo, where English Dogs merges with Misfits and NWOBHM echoes. In my opinion, this work is cooler than the actual record.


Sodom - In The Sign of Evil (1985) Germany
When you think to look cool because you listen to Burzum, I really want to wear an executioner hood and punch you in the face until you have learned all the 19 minutes of this EP. And I also want to give you the haircut that Angel Ripper sports in the back of the record. For these reasons I don't want to waste time speaking about this milestone; I just want to say that your parets probably didn't a good job with you if you don't like it.

Sodomaniac Tribute with Toxic Holocaust, Suicidal Winds, Bestial Mockery, Vomitor, Protector e Nocturnal (2008)
To confirm how important are Sodom (and how important is In The Sign Of Evil), this bunch of educated gentlemen tributes the first era classics of the teutonic band. The executioner in the cover is Heinrich Von Nuctemeron, president of the international Sodom fan club. The picture is the same of his ID.


The Business - Welcome to the Real World (1988) UK
Great british oi band ,always ready to raise troubles on the stage and on the terraces, they welcome us to the real world that, apparently, is a dock.
(Alright, let's cut the shit. One minute silence for Micky Fitz, lead singer who lost his battle against cancer).

Coru & Figau - Benvenuti nel Mondo Reale (2016) - Sardinia
We have already spoke about Coru & Figau here: LINK.
The rip off both front cover and title from The Business: deal with it, the real world is actually a dock.

Have you found some Rip Off Covers? If yes, send us your favourite ones!
(No, don't do that... we are already in the shit right now!)

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