Cöuntess Interview


Cöuntess is a band hail from Mexico that mixes the unholy speed of Venom with the rock'n'roll middle finger attitude of Motorhead and Tank and the Sleaze of early punk rock. They released a bunch of filthy demos: LINK DEMO and sold out tape out of Midnight sorcery records: LINK TAPE.
If you're in for d-beat drumming with evil barking howling of a real filht hound and a badly beaten guita,r you will feel at home, but you're probably not underground enough and you ear drum will explode!
Let the man talk now. Ladies and gentlemen... Mr Bat Benatar!

1) Tell us how did you started the unholy cult of sleazy rock and roll known as Cöuntess?
I started Cöuntess during 2013 when the urge to make rock ‘n’ roll because became too much , I needed to make loud and fast music. After convincing a friend to bang the drums and a couple of rehearsals things started to take shape into what we are now.

2) On one hand the Tank influence is obiviously a thing, and on your tape you cover a Witchfynde classic! But I think also punk is something you dig, are we right? Also this is a half punk / half metal zine so, if there is some punk band that you like, is time to speak your mind.
Yes, and not only Tank and Witchfynde, but a myriad of bands associated to the NWOBHM movement, their whole sound and visuals keeps being a huge influence on my music, it’s definitely subtle but the influence is there without a doubt.
And yes, punk is something that I really like too and is an influence on the band, from the couple first Discharge 7”, Asocial and GG Allin  all played a huge role in the early days of the band. All that aggression and insanity certainly left its impact on me, specially on the live setting. Though nowadays I tend to listen to bands like Dead Boys and The Damned when talking about punk and they have also had their influence which I think will be felt in future releases.

3) The Bat on the front cover of the tape is a masterpiece of sleazness, straight outta some late 70’s horror comic. Who’s the author and what are your inspiration in term of graphical design (fell free to throw in movies, comics, videogames or whatever).
The man in charge of the bat, or Snagglefang as it is known between us, was drawn my talented friend Diabolic Force (who also plays guitar and sings in the black/heavy metal band Vigilance), he not only knew what I was aiming for from the very beginning, but he's also a die-hard Motörhead fan and we share a lot of musical interests. He has also drawn some other stuff for the band and I’m sure we will collaborate further in the future.
Regarding the inspiration, I think it is pretty obvious that it was our own take on the legendary Snaggletooth. Just as we were about to go into recording our latest EP we received the news that Phil Taylor had passed away and I decided to dedicate the EP to his memory, not only did he have reptilian drum skills but also had a devilish sense of humor which I adore. The colors red, black and blue are also inspired on the Iron Fist album which in my opinion is one of his best drum performances. So no movies, books or anything else this time, just my little tribute to one of the best drummers in the world.

4) Give us five records that are mandatory for the band with a brief description for each one.
This is one of the hardest things to answer. Anyone who loves music could name hundres of records but for the sake of this question I will name those albums that I think are as you said, mandatory, within the context of the band.
  1. Motörhead – Bomber. This should be a no-brainer. I think this is my favorite Motörhead album. It is the epitome of all things Motörhead, silver-tongued-devil lyrics, daredevil drums and some of the best solos in their whole catalog. Just  to Sharpshooter, All the Aces, Step Down. Well listen to the whole thing and you will get it, and if you don’t, fuck off.
  2. Venom – Welcome to Hell. This one is one of the most bestial records ever. Even by just looking at the cover artwork you know you’re in for something else and yes, by the first 10 seconds of Sons of Satan you’re hit by a thunderstorm of blasphemy, speed, violence and satanic bravado. Can you ask for more? Not only that, during this era Venom was at full force, watching their live performances is magic. They truly were possessed when on stage.
  3. ZZ Top – Eliminator. With this one I’m pretty speechless. ZZ Top are GODS, enough said.
  4. The Stooges – Raw Power. The title says it all, Raw Power is the Stooges’ finest moment. It’s an intense record, it makes my blood run fast, it is sleazy, obnoxious, nihilistic it’s a “fuck you” to all that is pretty, that is well-behaved, all that smells good. The Stooges take a shit in all of that and then smear some blood.
  5. Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak. This one is really close to my heart. Listening to it is an experience unparelleled to anything else. It is not only the out-of-this-world music, but the outlaw aspect of it. It masterfully deals with the whole wild west/outlaw livestyle and archetypes. Lovelorn cowboys, hard-luck ladies men, brothers fighting for what is right, having the best time wether it’s with women or getting absolutely drunk with your friends. It evokes countless images in my mind’s eye everytime I listen to it. While my description of it until now may show it as mellow it is a defiant hard rocking album that should be in everybody’s record colletion.
  6. And yes, I’m cheating here, but Highway to Hell by AC/CD must be mentioned, that goddamned record as deadly and dangerous as it gets. Hail Bon and hail Angus.
5) Can you give an outlook about the mexican underground scene? Your bands seems to be really energetic and true to the real shit.
Certainly there are bands, labels, zines and individuals that give their soul for this music and like you said shows here can get pretty wild, however the underground as a whole here is a different story. I often feel people are getting involved for the wrong reasons, I would like to see labels, zines and show organizers actually bleeding for this and not half-assing in what they do.

6) Countess have begun spreading their plague in the analog way, with tape releases. Are there some vinyl ahead?
It’s true that our first releases were in noble tape, however this is more of me being a man of tradition and believing that a band should release their demos on tape rather than anything else. There were some talks about releasing our latest EP on both CD and vinyl, however nothing came out of it and although I do love vinyl at this point I’m more concerned in doing music that boils my blood and burns my soul, regardless of the format.

7) Tell us about the live assaults. What a metalhead attending at one of your shows have to expect?
It is certainly a cliché saying this, but it is the truth. Expect the unexpected, they only constant things in our gigs are insanity and intensity.

8) And what about your lyrics? Pure aggression or satanic imaginary?
Yes, most of the songs are influenced in horror movies I love, satanic imagery or my own rock ‘n’roll ethos and way of life, although in future recordings it might go in a different way, I will try to add more of my own thing in the lyrics and still stand by what I sing a 100%

9) What make a band lame into your eyes?
I could think of a lot but I rather not waste my time writing it and anybody else’s reading it , I would rather say what makes a band interesting and that is total devotion and fanaticism to what they are doing. Giving it all and then some more and expecting nothing in return.

10) En esta pregunta puede decir los que mas ve gusta.
I don’t think I have a lot more to say, thank you for your questions.




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